The venue

The conference will take place at Grand Hotel.
The hotel is located in the centre of Reykjavík 1,5 km from the main walking street. Around the hotel is a big outdoor carpark. The northeast entrance has 2 wide automatic doors and a drop curb from the street to the door (photo 1 and 2). The entrance has a little roof over it.

The restaurant and 4 of the meeting rooms are located at the ground floor of the hotel and other meeting rooms are on different floors. There are wheelchair accessible gender neutral bathrooms at the ground and first floor. Some of the accessible bathrooms have adjustable sink (photo 3 and 4).

The meeting rooms vary in size and shape and will either have “cinema setup” or chairs around tables. Microphones will be used in the bigger meeting rooms both during presentations and in discussions. The microphones are standing at the tables but it’s also possible to get a clip on microphones. In every meeting room there will be a normal high table that presenters can sit at or they can give the presentation standing in front of a podium.


Quiet/relaxing/private areas
At the ground floor, next to one of the meeting rooms, there will be a bed or a bench to relax. The conference will also have 1 hotel room reserved for any conference guest to use during the day if needed. The needs could for example be needing a quiet space, more space to use the bathroom/change clothes or privacy to take medication, rest etc.


Here are photos of some of the meeting rooms and the surroundings.

We put a lot of emphasis on accommodating different needs and requirements. We welcome all specific access requirements and encourage you to share them with us if you think that’s helpful. The accessibility coordinator is Embla Guðrúnar Ágústsdóttir.


Please contact her if you have any questions or specific requirements via email address or phone +3548683790.

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